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 for the 2024 Season

The fee for the 2024 season is $100.  The fee will increase to $110 on January 1 2024.

We are making every effort to eliminate paper forms so we request that you register online and follow up by
providing a check.  Your registration is not considered complete until payment has been received.

Payment should be made by check made out to "Bucks 65+ Senior Softball".  Checks can be handed to either
Craig Neiderpruem, Bill Krieger or Jim O'Brien during the remainder of the 2023 season.

If you will be mailing in your payment the mailing address will be provided i
n the registration confirmation email that will
be sent to you.  If you do not receive a registration confirmation email please do 
not register again.  Send an email to bu[email protected] and let us know that your email was not received.  Google limits the number
of emails we can send per day using this free service.

Returning players don't need to provide full details just name and email, anything that has changed and
click the box to acknowledge that you will adhere to the Player Code of Conduct, click to box to accept the
waiver and the box indicating your committment level.  

New players have to fill in all fields and provide a copy of their drivers license to verify their DOB and
a copy of their COVID record with their payment.

The link for the registration form is

The League has a Code of Conduct that all players are expected to follow.  The Code of conduct includes:

  1. Abide by the current Bucks Senior Softball Playing Rules to the best of my ability.
  2. Accept in good sportsmanship the decisions of the umpire(s) and my team manager.
  3. Neither taunt nor degrade my opponents or teammates.
  4. Avoid bodily contact that may cause injury to others or myself.
  5. Never direct abusive or profane language at officials, opponents or teammates.
  6. Exercise control over my family members and friends to the extent of 3 & 5 above.
  7. Not commit any act that would be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.

The following 97 players are currently registered for the 2024 season as of 11/6/2023.

Agasar, Judy
Avello, Al
Baccari, Tony
Barlow, Gerry
Barlow, Roy
Barman, Howard
Barsky, Jerry
Belenko, Steve
Betancourt, Ed
Blank, Jeff
Bodenheimer, Butch
Borochaner, Howard
Boyle, Tom
Bradford, Bim
Bragg, Curtis
Brandriff, Ed
Breig, John
Carlin, Jim
Cassidy, Dale
Cohen, Andy
Cohen, Ron
Comer, Scott
Corrado, Gene
Cosgrove, Tom
Courtright, Dave
Culp, Kevin
Cutler, Dave
Delaney, Tom
Detwiler, Dave
Dickson, Rich
Doernberg, Bob
Dolan, Bob
Donohue, Jack
Eberhardt, Fred
Esterly, Bob
Foster, Derek
Frayne, Dave
Froio, Frank
Fuchs, Warren
Gaines, Bob
Galloway, Jack
Glauser, Frank
Gottlieb, Eric
Grevera, Kevin
Grines, Joe
Groves, George
Harris, Gene
Heaton, Wayne
Howland, Bill
Jakubowski, Tom
Jaslow, Lee
Johnson, Bob
Jones, Gary
Kates, Del
Katz, Hal
Kilgarriff, Connie
Klemick, Jim
Krieger, Bill
Mangini, Ron
Matlack, Bill
McNulty, Jack
Mealey, Ken
Miller, Ron
O'Brien, Jim
Peters, Greg
Puzan, Darryl
Radon, Ken
Reeber, Gene
Restivo, Larry
Riess, Ken
Rosenblatt, Arthur
Rozolis, John
Rubin, Gene
Russell, Bill
Rutter, Doug
Sacharov, Aaron
Salmon, John
Scheele, Steve
Schmidt, Ed
Schwartz, Bill
Segal, Mike
Silvester, Bob
Simone, Dave
Smith, Franklin
Stabene, Jim
Trovato, Joe
Waloff, Rich
Walsh, John
Weiner, Fred
Weingarten, Monroe
Weiss, Stephen
Whittaker, Charlie
Wible, Howard
Wright, Craig
Zimmerman, Tracy
Zupan, Jack


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